Coronavirus (COVID-19) in Australia

Data verified with reports from state and federal health departments. Each chart is timestamped at last update. Data downloads available on most charts or in data centre. Donate to support this work.

Daily briefing

View full breakdowns, including cases detected in quarantine or isolation here.
Data note
The chart below shows transmission sources 'as announced' which means all figures, including those under investigation, are frozen at a point in time. To see the last 14 days of transmission sources following investigation and reallocations, view 'true' daily transmission sources here.

Active cases and recoveries

Data note
Sometimes states classify cases as 'inactive' without formally classifying them as 'recovered'. NSW has stopped classifying recoveries. More about recoveries here.

Other highlight charts

Recent changes to COVID Borders (origin > destination)
•  South Australia > Western Australia. Changed from mild to strict conditions. [Update Nov. 15]
•  South Australia > Northern Territory. Changed from minor to strict conditions. [Update Nov. 16]
•  Melbourne > Northern Territory. Will move from strict to minor conditions Nov. 30. [Update Nov. 16]
•  South Australia > Tasmania. Changed from minor to mild conditions. [Update Nov. 16] Update: Changed to strict conditions. [Update Nov. 16, 3.30pm]
•  South Australia > Victoria. Changed from minor to mild conditions for Adelaide. [Update Nov. 16] Update: SA and Adelaide treated differently. [Update Nov. 16, 3.30pm]
•  South Australia > Queensland. Changed from minor conditions to closed borders. [Update Nov. 16] Update: Different restrictions for Adelaide v Regional SA. Closed borders for Adelaide 'hotspots'. [Update Nov. 16, 11.00pm]
•  South Australia > NSW. Added condition of screening but maintained Go status. [Update Nov. 17]
•  South Australia > Western Australia. Changed from strict conditions to no travel without exemption. [Update Nov. 17]
•  South Australia > NSW. Changed from go to mild. [Update Nov. 18]
•  South Australia > Northern Territory. Strict conditions limited to 20 LGAs in and around Adelaide. [Update Nov. 18]
•  South Australia > Victoria. Border closed for 48 hours. [Update Nov. 19]
•  South Australia > ACT. Changed from Go to mild. [Update Nov. 19]
•  South Australia > NT. Hotspots to be de-listed on Nov 21. [Update Nov. 20]
•  South Australia > Victoria. Permit required. Maintains strict status. [Update Nov. 21]
•  Victoria > NSW / ACT. Border reopened. [Update Nov. 23]
•  NSW > Queensland. Border to reopen for Greater Sydney from Dec. 1. [Update Nov. 24]

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