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COVID vaccine rollout begins throughout Australia

The Sydney Morning Herald  - 22 February 2021​

Australia’s first dose of the Pfizer vaccine administered

The Sydney Morning Herald  - 21 February 2021​

Arrests after anti-vaccination protests across Australia

The Age  - 20 February 2021​


Queensland’s Chief Health Officer hopes vaccines will end border closures

Brisbane Times - 20 February 2021​

PM to get coronavirus vaccine in first phase

The Sydney Morning Herald  - 19 February 2021​

One in intensive care as Holiday Inn COVID-19 cluster grows to 22

The Age  - 19 February 2021​

Victoria emerges from hard lockdown

The Sydney Morning Herald  - 18 February 2021​

‘Beyond regrettable’: Victorian Health Minister slams Facebook decision

The Age  - 18 February 2021​

Man at centre of Holiday Inn cluster calls for inquiry as experts query nebuliser theory

The Sydney Morning Herald  - 17 February 2021​

Victoria’s new coronavirus rules after the end of lockdown

The Age  - 17 February 2021​

Zero local cases as Victoria lockdown lifts from midnight

The Sydney Morning Herald  - 17 February 2021​

Victoria’s lockdown to end tonight, Premier announces

The Age  - 17 February 2021​

Victoria records two local cases as Melbourne quarantine hotel evacuated

The Age  - 16 February 2021​

First Pfizer vaccine doses arrive in Australia as Victoria lockdown continues

The Sydney Morning Herald  - 15 February 2021​

Race to contact 7000 residents who visited Melbourne ‘venues of concern’

The Sydney Morning Herald  - 12 February 2021​

Victoria enters five-day snap lockdown

The Age  - 12 February 2021​

NSW remains open as other states close to Victoria

The Sydney Morning Herald  - 11 February 2021​

Two more cases of COVID-19 linked to Holiday Inn outbreak

The Age  - 10 February 2021​


Nebuliser device may be behind COVID-19 spread at Holiday Inn

The Age  - 10 February 2021​

NSW COVID-19 curbs to ease from Friday

The Sydney Morning Herald  - 10 February 2021​

Two new COVID-19 cases linked to Holiday Inn

The Age  - 9 February 2021​

NSW records 23rd day of zero local cases, investigation into positive traveller continues

The Sydney Morning Herald  - 9 February 2021​


Over 100 forced to isolate after second hotel quarantine worker tests positive to COVID-19

The Age - 8 February 2021​

Things are getting better, for all we know

Switzer Daily  -  8 February 2021


WA's five-day lockdown set to end

WA Today  - 5 February 2021

Victoria returns to harsher restrictions as Melbourne hotel quarantine worker tests positive

The Age  - 4 February 2021​

Victorian household gatherings limited, masks made mandatory indoors

The Age  - 3 February 2021​

One-third of Australia’s COVID-19 vaccines expected to come to NSW

The Sydney Morning Herald  - 3 February 2021​


WA records no new local COVID-19 cases as lockdown enters second day

WA Today  - 2 February 2021

Victoria accelerates back-to-office plan as state records 27th day of no local COVID-19 cases

The Age  - 2 February 2021​

NSW tracking WA arrivals but border will stay open: Premier

The Sydney Morning Herald  - 1 February 2021​

What's happening around the globe?

Switzer Daily  -  1 February 2021

WA enters lockdown after new local COVID-19 case

WA Today  - 1 February 2021

Victoria records 26th day of zero COVID-19 community transmission

The Age  - 1 February 2021​

How Sydney's summer COVID-19 clusters were snuffed out in good time

The Sydney Morning Herald -  31 January 2021

Neville says Victoria could take more travellers - if ADF help in hotels

The Age  -  28 January 2021​

Australia ranked eighth for COVID-19 response

The Sydney Morning Herald -  28 January 2021

Testing numbers: what does the data show?

The Age  -  27 January 2021​

NSW COVID-19 restrictions to ease from Friday, but hospitality venues still have to wait

The Sydney Morning Herald  -  27 January 2021​

‘Things have changed’: Some restrictions eased as NSW strikes balance

The Sydney Morning Herald -  27 January 2021

Minister defends police at border as Victoria records third week of zero local cases

The Age  -  27 January 2021

NSW records no new local cases for ninth consecutive day

The Sydney Morning Herald -  26 January 2021

Victoria reaches 20 days without a new local COVID case, one new quarantine case

The Age  -  26 January 2021

TGA provisionally approves Pfizer vaccine as Victoria records no new local COVID-19 cases

The Sydney Morning Herald -  25 January 2021


AOC boss says 2021 Tokyo Olympics still on track to proceed

The Age  -  22 January 2021

No new COVID-19 cases in NSW as Victoria reopens to more of Sydney

The Sydney Morning Herald -  22 January 2021

State borders start reopening to Sydney after five days without cases

The Age  -  22 January 2021​

Face masks no longer mandatory in Brisbane

Brisbane Times -  21 January 2021

NSW records no new cases as vaccine rollout details revealed

The Sydney Morning Herald  -  21 January 2021​

COVID-19 vaccine program to start February despite shortage, delay fears overseas

The Sydney Morning Herald -  21 January 2021

'It's no time to be protesting': Andrews tells Victorians to stay away from Invasion Day rallies

The Age  -  21 January 2021​

NSW pushes for South Pacific travel bubble, but federal government says there is 'no timeframe'

The Sydney Morning Herald -  21 January 2021

NSW restrictions likely to be eased next week

The Sydney Morning Herald  -  20 January 2021​

Tennis Australia says it will pay for Australian Open hotel quarantine

The Age  -  20 January 2021​


No new COVID-19 cases for NSW with Sydney restrictions likely to ease next week

The Sydney Morning Herald  -  20 January 2021

Travel restrictions costing NSW $180 million per week

The Sydney Morning Herald -  19 January 2021

Victoria to stick with conservative approach to border rules: Premier

The Age  -  19 January 2021​

Norway says no evidence Pfizer vaccine is directly responsible for deaths

Brisbane Times  - 19 January 2021

Economic round-up: what’s going on?

Switzer Daily  -  18 January 2021

Federal government to charter 20 flights to bring Australians home

The Sydney Morning Herald  -  16 January 2021​

Debate rages over arrival of tennis stars in Melbourne

The Age  -  15 January 2021

Zero community cases in eastern states brings hope for WA border changes over next month

WA Today  -  15 January 2021​

NSW records two new cases of COVID-19; none in the community

The Sydney Morning Herald  -  15 January 2021​

As tennis players arrive, Health Minister defends 'red zones' where Victorians are stranded

The Age  -  15 January 2021

NSW would see 'distinct disadvantages' in moving hotel quarantine to rural areas: Minister

The Sydney Morning Herald  -  14 January 2021​


Victoria eases mask restrictions; Brisbane quarantine hotel evacuated

The Age  -  14 January 2021

NSW records zero new local COVID-19 cases

The Sydney Morning Herald -  14 January 2021

Sydney's northern beaches no longer a COVID-19 hotspot

The Sydney Morning Herald  -  13 January 2021​

Concerns over vaccine rollout as Victoria records week of no new local cases

The Age  -  13 January 2021

Five new local cases in NSW as Premier pleads for higher testing rate

The Sydney Morning Herald  - 12 January 2021

Sydney facing weeks of closed borders with Victoria as unknown cases grow

The Sydney Morning Herald  -  12 January 2021​

Brisbane lockdown ends; Victoria implements travel permit system

The Age  -  12 January 2021

Greater Brisbane lockdown to end, mask mandate to continue

Brisbane Times  -  11 January 2021​

Sutton casts doubt on positive COVID-19 result for boy from Melbourne childcare centre

The Age  -  11 January 2021

Greater Brisbane enters lockdown

Brisbane Times -  9 January 2021​

Zero new local COVID-19 cases in latest reporting period but one new case today

The Sydney Morning Herald  -  7 January 2021

Locking residents out of their states is brutally unfair

The Sydney Morning Herald -  6 January 2021

Man may have picked up virus at MCG Test or Chadstone

The Age  -  6 January 2021

ASX sheds 1.1% as Georgia race hangs in the balance

Brisbane Times -  6 January 2021

NSW records four new local cases, one case travelled to regions

The Sydney Morning Herald  -  5 January 2021​

Victoria calls for flight crews to be quarantined

The Age  -  5 January 2021

The JobKeeper subsidy is being slashed for 1.6 million Australians at a 'critical' juncture for the economy

Business Insider  -  4 January 2021​

Sydney outbreak already much worse than the Crossroads Hotel cluster -  4 January 2021​

This graph comparing the current NSW outbreak to the 2020 one shows we’re tracking a bit worse

Pedestrian  -  4 January 2021

Sydney's western suburbs cluster grows

The Sydney Morning Herald  -  4 January 2021

Sydney's July v December outbreaks compared

The Sydney Morning Herald  -  3 January 2021

Masks mandated in greater Sydney

The Sydney Morning Herald  -  3 January 2021​

Partial end to northern beaches lockdown as southern region rejoins Greater Sydney

The Sydney Morning Herald  -  2 January 2021​

Victoria records 10 local cases as borders close

The Age  -  2 January 2021

Health detectives search for Avalon links to western Sydney mystery cases

The Sydney Morning Herald  -  1 January 2021

'We have missing links': Three mystery COVID-19 cases in western Sydney

The Sydney Morning Herald  -  1 January 2021

'We will throw everything at this': Authorities in overdrive to put lid on outbreak

The Age  -  31 December 2020

'It's very volatile': NSW records 10 new cases

The Sydney Morning Herald  -  31 December 2020

Three COVID-19 cases detected in Melbourne, ending zero-case streak

The Age  -  30 December 2020

NSW records 18 local virus cases including six linked to new Croydon cluster

The Sydney Morning Herald  -  30 December 2020

Harbour foreshore shut down for New Year's Eve after five new virus cases

The Sydney Morning Herald  -  28 December 2020

'This isn't a magic virus': Confidence mutant strain can be contained

The Sydney Morning Herald  -  28 December 2020

'Gold standard': How NSW Health tested 300,000 people for COVID-19 in just six days

The Sydney Morning Herald  -  27 December 2020

Premier urges shoppers to avoid Boxing Day sales in CBD

The Sydney Morning Herald  -  26 December 2020

Concerns of CBD coronavirus spread as Sydney prepares for Christmas celebrations

The Sydney Morning Herald  -  24 December 2020

Fears grow for new COVID-19 cluster in Sydney's CBD

The Sydney Morning Herald  -  24 December 2020

Nine local cases in NSW after a record 60,000 tests

The Sydney Morning Herald  -  24 December 2020

In four days, 140,000 people across NSW have been tested for COVID-19

The Sydney Morning Herald  -  23 December 2020

Sydney lockdown restrictions eased for Christmas

The Sydney Morning Herald  -  23 December 2020

Sydney remains on high alert before Christmas period

The Sydney Morning Herald  -  23 December 2020

Northern Beaches COVID cluster grows by eight

The Sydney Morning Herald  -  22 December 2020

COVID-19 cluster has 24 hours to steal Sydney's Christmas

The Sydney Morning Herald  -  21 December 2020

NSW premier urges states to rethink border closures

The Sydney Morning Herald  -  21 December 2020

Berejiklian announces 15 new cases, all linked to Avalon cluster

The Sydney Morning Herald  -  21 December 2020

Premier warns COVID-19 cluster might ‘seed’ across Sydney

The Sydney Morning Herald  -  18 December 2020

Northern Beaches cluster grows: Sydney on alert

The Sydney Morning Herald  -  18 December 2020

Sydney records 17 COVID-19 cases; Northern Beaches on high alert

The Sydney Morning Herald  -  17 December 2020

Sydney van driver who shuttles airline crew tests positive to COVID-19

The Sydney Morning Herald  -  16 December 2020

WA keeps plan to reopen borders for NSW travellers

WA Today -  7 December 2020

NSW records zero COVID-19 infections despite quarantine hotel breach

The Sydney Morning Herald  -  5 December 2020

Thousands in Sydney asked to self-isolate as virus 'elimination' pushed to 2021

The Sydney Morning Herald  -  3 December 2020

Should Australians be worried about waiting for a COVID vaccine?

The Conversation - 3 December 2020

NSW eases restrictions for pubs and weddings ahead of holidays

The Sydney Morning Herald  -  2 December 2020

Returned Colac resident thought to be source of COVID wastewater fragments

The Age  -  2 December  2020

Health alert after traces of COVID-19 found in sewage in Sydney's north-west

The Sydney Morning Herald  -  2 December 2020

No rush back to the office until virus in wastewater mystery is solved, experts say

The Age  -  27 November 2020

No new coronavirus cases reported in NSW for first time in nearly two months

The Sydney Morning Herald  -  26 November 2020


SA cluster examined after couple in hotel quarantine test positive

The Sydney Morning Herald  -  25 November 2020

The moment Gladys Berejiklian broke her own COVID-19 self-isolating rules

The Sydney Morning Herald  -  24 November 2020

NSW-Victoria border reopens as mandatory mask wearing in Victoria scrapped for outdoors

The Age - 23 November 2020

NSW reaches 28 days without mystery cases

The Sydney Morning Herald  -  23 November 2020

Mask rules set to relax as Victoria moves to last stage of easing

The Age - 22 November 2020

NSW records 14-day incubation cycle with no local COVID-19 cases

The Sydney Morning Herald  -  21 November 2020

Victoria achieves three weeks without a new COVID-19 case

The Age - 20 November 2020

South Australia's six-day hard lockdown sparked by lie to contact tracers

The Sydney Morning Herald  -  20 November 2020

Victoria closes border to South Australia after outbreak

The Age  -  19 November 2020

Zero new cases in South Australia as hotel quarantine under scrutiny

The Age - 19 November 2020

Sydneysiders will require passes to enter CBD on New Year's Eve

The Sydney Morning Herald  -  19 November 2020

Many of our buildings are poorly ventilated, and that adds to COVID risks

The Conversation - 18 November 2020

'Absolutely nothing' stopping SA drivers from entering Victoria: Health Minister

The Age - 18 November 2020

'Delay your travel': NSW hardens stance on SA outbreak

The Sydney Morning Herald  -  18 November 2020

COVID-positive Cedar Meats worker was turned away from testing twice: inquiry

The Age - 18 November 2020

'Still have some work to do': virus info push in south-west Sydney

The Sydney Morning Herald  -  17 November 2020

Why we should prioritise older people when we get a COVID vaccine

The Conversation - 16 November 2020

SA residents to be questioned at Melbourne airport after shock cluster

The Age  -  16 November 2020

Border closure fears after SA's cluster grows to 17

The Sydney Morning Herald  -  16 November 2020

Travellers say NSW Health ignoring its own criteria for hotel quarantine exemptions

The Sydney Morning Herald  -  14 November 2020

PM confirms all states to open by Christmas

The Age - 13 November 2020

States clash on border closure ahead of national cabinet

The Sydney Morning Herald  -  12 November 2020

Victoria extends no new case streak to 13 days

The Age - 12 November 2020

Sydney's hidden first wave: real infection rate likely more than three times higher

The Sydney Morning Herald  -  11 November 2020

NSW records fourth consecutive day without a local COVID case

The Sydney Morning Herald  -  11 November 2020

No new local COVID cases in NSW for third consecutive day

The Sydney Morning Herald  -  10 November 2020

Tasmania to take hundreds of stranded Australians

The Age - 7 November 2020

Victoria records eighth day of no new cases

The Sydney Morning Herald  7 November 2020

Australia's death toll at 907

The Sydney Morning Herald  -  6 November 2020

US faces virus surge amid election count

The Sydney Morning Herald  -  5 November 2020

NSW to accept visitors from all states and NZ from November 23

The Sydney Morning Herald  -  4 November 2020

'Summer's first line of defence': new rules, fines for cafes, restaurants, bars and pubs

The Sydney Morning Herald  -  2 November 2020


Now that Melbourne’s COVID-19 lockdown has ended, what’s next?

Herald Sun - 1 November 2020

Qld border to open to NSW and stay shut to Greater Sydney

The Sydney Morning Herald  -  31 October 2020

Student tests positive to COVID in south-west Sydney

The Sydney Morning Herald  -  29 October 2020

Victoria records two new cases as state's retail, hospitality restrictions lifted

The Age  -  28 October 2020

NSW needs more quarantine hotels to deal with COVID-19 infected overseas arrivals

The Sydney Morning Herald  -  28 October 2020

Home visits for Victorians allowed as zero cases recorded for second day in a row

The Age  -  27 October 2020

Victoria records no new coronavirus cases overnight

Herald Sun - 26 October 2020

Opinion: Melburnians won’t forget Daniel Andrews caused lockdown hell

Herald Sun - 26 October 2020

Premier delays announcing lockdown changes

The Age - 25 October 2020

No new northern suburbs cases from 1100 results

Herald Sun - 25 October 2020

Hopes dashed for easing of restrictions as Preston cluster grows

Herald Sun - 24 October 2020

Tracking new cases: Victoria vs NSW

The Sydney Morning Herald  -  23 October 2020

Hope for freedom grows as only one new case recorded

Herald Sun - 23 October 2020

How NSW and Victoria's local cases are tracking

The Sydney Morning Herald  -  22 October 2020

‘Ring of steel’ may be lifted in time for Christmas

Herald Sun - 21 October 2020

COVID-19 infections across Australia

The Sydney Morning Herald  -  21 October 2020

1 new case, no deaths, 14-day average falls  -  20 October 2020

NSW trend map: where coronavirus cases are rising or falling

The Guardian - 20 October 2020

COVID-19 stats and live data by state

The Guardian - 20 October 2020

Coronavirus Victoria: 14-day average falls

The Australian  -  20 October 2020

NSW flags reopening of border with state within a month

The Sydney Morning Herald  -  20 October 2020

Premier hints at early easing of restrictions

Herald Sun - 20 October 2020


The Victorian lockdown is not just about health and lives!

Pearls and Irritations -  19 October 2020

Victorians enjoy first day with eased restrictions

The Age -  19 October 2020

Zero new local cases in NSW as new alert issued for south-east Sydney

The Sydney Morning Herald -  19 October 2020

Dan Andrews reveals steps out of Melbourne coronavirus lockdown

Herald Sun - 18 October 2020

Victoria failed to test enough when second wave seeded: testing chief

The Age  -  17 October 2020

Victoria records just two COVID-19 cases as state considers lifting 5km lockdown rule

The Sydney Morning Herald  -  16 October 2020

Health Minister urges COVID-19 patients to 'tell the whole truth' as NSW records 11 cases

The Sydney Morning Herald  -  15 October 2020

How truck driver slipped through contact tracers’ nets

Herald Sun -  15 October 2020

Andrews faces pressure to end Melbourne lockdown

The Sydney Morning Herald  -  15 October 2020

Coronavirus by postcode: Full list of Melbourne and Victoria’s active cases

Herald Sun -  15 October 2020

Seven cases, five deaths; hundreds turned away from testing in Shepparton

Herald Sun - 14 October 2020

Queensland marks its lowest number of active cases since July

The Sydney Morning Herald  -  13 October 2020

New South Wales tops Victoria’s new cases as Premier dashes reopening hopes

Herald Sun - 13 October 2020

Melbourne virus hotspot shifts from west to northeast

Herald Sun - 13 October 2020

College closes, year 12s urged to isolate; 15 cases, no new deaths

Herald Sun -  12 October 2020

Customers of five Melbourne Coles stores on red alert

Daily Mail  -  12 October 2020

Some of Melbourne's hated Stage Four restrictions are likely to be revised or scrapped next week

Daily Mail  -  12 October 2020

Best and worst of pandemic response

Herald Sun 11 October 2020

Melbourne trend map: where coronavirus cases are rising or falling

The Guardian 9 October 2020


Chadstone ‘under control’ as DHHS rush to contact-trace Kilmore locals


Herald Sun -  7 October 2020

12-day clear run in NSW over with three cases of local transmission of COVID-19

The Sydney Morning Herald  -  7 October 2020

Donald Trump in quarantine after adviser tests positive to COVID-19

The Sydney Morning Herald  -  2 October 2020

Victorian hotel quarantine program overhauled

Herald Sun - 2 October 2020

Queensland to stay shut until November as NSW records old local COVID-19 case

The Sydney Morning Herald  -  1 October 2020

Victoria records 15 new COVID-19 cases as SA reconsiders border restrictions

The Age  -  1 October 2020

Coronavirus: Melbourne and Victoria’s active cases

Herald Sun 1 October 2020

ADF leave Qld border before reopening to northern NSW regions

The Sydney Morning Herald  -  30 September 2020

NSW and Sydney Covid trend map

The Guardian -  30 September 2020

Australia's remarkable virus milestone  -  28 September 2020

Australian state overtakes Victoria in daily coronavirus cases for the first time in months

Daily Mail -  28 September 2020

Melbourne is starting to lift restrictions ahead of schedule – here’s what you need to know

Startup Daily -  28 September 2020

Victoria records five new COVID-19 cases as Melbourne lockdown restrictions eased

The Sydney Morning Herald  -  28 September 2020

Morrison says Andrews' slow easing of Victoria's lockdown is harming the public's mental health

Daily Mail -  27 September 2020

Curfew lifted and COVID-19 roadmap is ‘ahead of schedule’

The Conversation -  27 September 2020

Daniel Andrews confirms an easing of some restrictions

The Sydney Morning Herald  -  25 September 2020

Casey cluster grows as Melbourne’s 14-day virus average falls

Herald Sun -  25 September 2020

US death toll surpasses 200,000

The Sydney Morning Herald  -  23 September 2020

Tracking the COVID triggers: When lockdown will really end

Herald Sun -  23 September 2020

Victoria records 15 COVID-19 cases as US death toll surpasses 200,000

The Sydney Morning Herald  -  23 September 2020

Myth could lock Melbourne down again  -  22 September 2020

Coronavirus: Melbourne and Victoria’s active cases

Herald Sun -  22 September 2020

NSW and Sydney Covid trend map

The Guardian -  22 September 2020

Tracking new cases, coronavirus stats and live data by state

The Guardian -  22 September 2020

South Australia to reopen border to NSW

The Sydney Morning Herald  -  22 September 2020

NSW on high alert after taxi driver worked while infected

The Sydney Morning Herald  -  21 September 2020

NSW workers to get pandemic leave to encourage COVID-19 testing

The Australian Financial Review -  20 September 2020

'Self-serve buffets and pandemics don't mix': restaurants fined for breaches

The Sydney Morning Herald  -  20 September 2020

Only two new virus cases east of Melbourne’s CBD

Herald Sun -  18 September 2020

Victoria records lowest daily new case tally in almost 3 months

The Sydney Morning Herald  -  17 September 2020


Experts reveal if Melbourne is on track to hit targets needed to ease lockdown

Herald Sun -  16 September 2020

Victoria records 42 COVID-19 cases as elective surgery to resume in regional areas

The Age  -  16 September 2020

On the road to COVID normal: the easing of regional Victoria’s restrictions signals hope for Melbourne too

The Conversation  -  15 September 2020

Queensland considers slashing 28-day clock to reopen NSW border

The Sydney Morning Herald -  15 September 2020

Victoria and Melbourne Covid trend map

The Guardian -  15 September 2020

Tracking new cases, coronavirus stats and live data by state

The Guardian -  15 September 2020

Zero-case status is the best Covid-19 option for Australia – and that means stronger controls over international arrivals

Pearls and Irritations -  15 September 2020

Dan Andrews is savaged by company bosses over 'wartime' curfew

Daily Mail -  14 September 2020

Victoria's worrying mystery cases  -  14 September 2020

Australia records fewer than 40 cases

The Age  -  14 September 2020

Whose rules are they anyway? Confusion reigns over Victoria’s curfew

The New Daily  -  11 September 2020

Queensland Premier lashes Scott Morrison for border intervention

The Sydney Morning Herald - 10 September 2020

Go for zero: How Australia can get to zero COVID-19 cases

Grattan Institute  -  9 September 2020

Victoria records 76 new COVID-19 cases as AstraZeneca pauses vaccine study

The Age  -  9 September 2020

55 COVID-19 cases as Victoria's contact tracing flagged for revamp

The Age  -  8 September 2020

Victoria's active cases by postcode

Herald Sun -  7 September 2020

Little River, Lilydale and Caroline Springs covidiots busted by police

Herald Sun -  7 September 2020

NSW and Sydney Covid trend map

The Guardian -  7 September 2020

Victoria's roadmap out of stage four lockdown revealed

The Sydney Morning Herald -  7 September 2020


Morrison reveals national cabinet to no longer operate on consensus basis

The Sydney Morning Herald  -  4 September 2020

Second wave lockdowns with risk-targeted policy responses

Independent Australia  -  3 September 2020


Australia in recession as nation's death toll jumps to 678

The Age  -  3 September 2020

Where coronavirus cases are rising or falling

The Guardian -  2 September 2020

Premier to discuss border restrictions as NSW records 17 new COVID-19 cases

The Sydney Morning Herald -  2 September 2020

Victoria records 90 COVID-19 cases as state of emergency powers extended

The Sydney Morning Herald -  2 September 2020

Restrictions to be loosened on NSW-Victoria border

The Sydney Morning Herald -  1 September 2020

COVID-19: How will it end?

Infectious Diseases Physicians, Austin Health -  August 2020

Tracking new COVID-19 cases state by state

The Guardian -  31 August 2020

Premier to discuss border restrictions as NSW records 17 new COVID-19 cases

The Sydney Morning Herald - 31 August 2020

Victoria records 149 COVID-19 cases as three Sydney schools close

The Sydney Morning Herald - 26 August 2020

Coronavirus Australia map: tracking new cases

The Guardian -  26 August 2020

Epidemiologist mapping when Victoria will hit single digit daily coronavirus cases

The Australian -  25 August 2020

Victoria records 148 new cases as Australian death toll jumps to 525

The Age  -  25 August 2020

Victorian state of emergency set to be extended

The Sydney Morning Herald -  24 August 2020

Victoria records 179 new COVID-19 cases as hotel quarantine inquiry continues

The Sydney Morning Herald -  21 August 2020

240 new COVID-19 cases as state's hotel quarantine inquiry resumes

The Sydney Morning Herald -  20 August 2020

Supercluster confirmed as genetic fingerprint links two outbreaks 34km apart

The Sydney Morning Herald -  19 August 2020

Australian death toll jumps to 450

The Sydney Morning Herald -  19 August 2020

Victoria records 222 new COVID-19 cases as Sydney hotel quarantine guard contracts virus

The Age  -  18 August 2020

Flemington market linked to Sydney COVID-19 outbreak

The Sydney Morning Herald -  17 August 2020

Tracking new cases, COVID-19 stats and live data by state

The Guardian -  17 August 2020


Victoria records 282 new COVID-19 cases as state of emergency extended

The Age  -  17 August 2020

Man in his 20s among Victoria's latest COVID-19 victims as state records 372 new cases

The  Age  -  14 August 2020

Coronavirus cases falling, but Victoria should expect more deaths in days ahead

The New Daily  -  13 August 2020

Yes, it looks like Victoria has passed the peak of its second wave

The Conversation  -  13 August 2020

Victoria records 278 COVID-19 cases, 8 deaths

The Sydney Morning Herald  -  13 August 2020

Compiling data under pressure: the story of

Data & Analytics Wednesday -  12 August 2020​

Premier warns of harsher rules for NSW; Auckland back in lockdown

The Sydney Morning Herald  -  12 August 2020

The first sign Victoria is finally on top of the second coronavirus wave

The New Daily  -  11 August 2020

COVID-19/SARS-CoV-2 Resources

ClinicFire -  August 2020

Religious study retreat at centre of COVID-19 cluster

The Sydney Morning Herald  -  11 August 2020

ADF repeatedly offered to assist Victorian quarantine: Defence Minister

The Sydney Morning Herald  -  11 August 2020

19 die, 322 infected on Victoria's deadliest day

The Sydney Morning Herald  -  10 August 2020

Mystery COVID cases causing anxiety for NSW Health

The Sydney Morning Herald  -  8 August 2020

Victoria COVID trend map: where coronavirus cases are rising or falling

The Guardian -  7 August 2020

NSW and Sydney COVID trend map

The Guardian -  7 August 2020


Victorian arrivals to enter NSW hotel quarantine

The Sydney Morning Herald  -  7 August 2020

Melbourne stage four business shutdown begins

The Sydney Morning Herald  -  6 August 2020

More stimulus likely as Victorian lockdown to knock at least $12bn from GDP

Sharecafe  -  5 August 2020

Promising antibody response in Australians given Novavax COVID-19 vaccine

The Sydney Morning Herald  -  5 August 2020

Queensland border closes to NSW, ACT

The Age  -  5 August 2020

Hundreds exposed, but NSW schools have 'extremely low' COVID-19 infections

The Sydney Morning Herald  -  4 August 2020

Victorian businesses subject to tough restrictions amid stage four lockdown

The Sydney Morning Herald  -  4 August 2020

Coronavirus Maroondah: More residents contract COVID-19

Herald Sun  -  4 August 2020

429 new COVID-19 cases as Daniel Andrews implements restrictions

The Sydney Morning Herald  -  3 August 2020

Victoria records 627 new COVID-19 cases, eight deaths as aged care crisis continues

The Sydney Morning Herald  -  31 July 2020

Virus infections skyrocket across Wyndham

Herald Sun  -  31 July 2020

Global COVID-19 cases pass 16.8 million

The Age -  30 July 2020

Young people fuelling pandemic in Victoria  -  28 July 2020

Deadliest day of COVID-19 pandemic with 10 deaths in 24 hours -  27 July 2020

Victoria’s COVID-19 infections surge again

MacroBusiness -  26 July 2020

Eastern Health ready to treat more coronavirus patients

Herald Sun  -  25 July 2020

Box Hill Australian Taxation Office staff diagnosed with coronavirus

Herald Sun  -  24 July 2020

Two weeks into Melbourne’s lockdown, why aren’t COVID-19 case numbers going down?

The Conversation  -  22 July 2020

Cases rise as hospital prepares for influx of patients

Herald Sun  -  22 July 2020

Data reveals Maroondah residents contract COVID-19

Herald Sun  -  22 July 2020

NSW clusters continue to grow

The Sydney Morning Herald  -  21 July 2020

Victoria records 275 new cases as state makes face masks mandatory

The Sydney Morning Herald  -  20 July 2020

Masks mandatory in Melbourne as death toll rises  -  18 July 2020

Fine warning for those breaking lockdown restrictions

Herald Sun  -  17 July 2020

Melton COVID cases spike as city’s west cops the brunt

Herald Sun  -  17 July 2020

Maribyrnong coronavirus: COVID-19 cases recorded

Herald Sun  -  17 July 2020

Abattoir and aged care home linked to new cases

Herald Sun  -  17 July 2020

Only 3 per cent of virus cases from returned travellers  -  16 July 2020

How Victoria’s virus clusters grew into second wave

Herald Sun  -  16 July 2020

Box Hill Hospital staff diagnosed with coronavirus

Herald Sun  -  16 July 2020

Manningham cases soar with hospitals outside municipality on standby

Herald Sun  -  16 July 2020

Victoria records 317 new COVID-19 cases

The Sydney Morning Herald  - 16 July 2020

Why Victoria’s second wave could be worse than the first

Adelaide Now  -  16 July 2020

Victoria records 270 new cases as NSW remains on high alert

The Age -  14 July 2020

Ten Melbourne coronavirus outbreaks growing in size  -  13 July 2020

NSW records 14 new cases as Casula Hotel cluster grows

The Sydney Morning Herald -  13 July 2020

We’re testing 50,000 Australians a day for COVID-19. Should it be 6.5 million?

The Conversation - 10 July 2020

In focus: Victoria COVID-19 infograms

The Mandarin - 10 July 2020

Morrison announces slash on international arrivals

The Sydney Morning Herald -  10 July 2020

Other states not immune from Victoria's coronavirus outbreak: PM

The Sydney Morning Herald  -  9 July 2020

The key number in Victoria’s COVID-19 cases that has experts worried  -  8 July 2020

Coronavirus map Australia: tracking new cases, Covid-19 stats and live data update by state

The Guardian -  8 July 2020

NSW border closed indefinitely

The Sydney Morning Herald -  8 July 2020

Federal Health Minister warns Victoria could face further restrictions

The Australian -  7 July 2020

Which Melbourne suburbs are recording new cases? -  7 July 2020

‘Secondary significant surge’ in coronavirus infections  -  7 July 2020

Victoria records 191 cases in a day

The Sydney Morning Herald -  7 July 2020

Huge surge in new COVID-19 cases across Melbourne -  6 July 2020

Victoria records highest ever case increase

The Sydney Morning Herald  -  6 July 2020

The 'stupid mistakes' Victoria made in its response to the state's second COVID-19 outbreak

Daily Mail -  4 July 2020

Stemming the flow: how much can the Australian smartphone app help to control COVID-19?

Sax Institute -  30 June 2020

Victoria’s community transmission spiking to highest levels since March -  30 June 2020

Melbourne's coronavirus hotspots locked down suburb by suburb

The Age -  30 June 2020

Coronavirus Australia live updates: Victoria 'won't rule out' more lockdowns

The Daily Telegraph -  30 June 2020

How to track the number of coronavirus cases in Australia
Lifehacker Australia - 29 June 2020

Victoria case spike sparks ADF intervention

The Age -  25 June 2020

Australian death toll stands at 104

The Sydney Morning Herald  -  25 June 2020 

Coronavirus Victoria: ‘Significant community transmission’ in new cases -  23 June 2020

Contact tracing concerns raised by doctor with links to COVID-19 case

The Sydney Morning Herald  - 23 June 2020

Overseas returns diverted from Melbourne over hotel quarantine concerns

The Sydney Morning Herald  - 23 June 2020 

Victorian spike raises grim prospect of a two-speed pandemic recovery

Crikey -  22 June 2020

Victoria records another 16 cases as community transmission jumps

The Age - 22 June 2020

Coronavirus (COVID-19) in Australia

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Maps

Plans to ease COVID-19 restrictions will go ahead

The Age - 18 June 2020

The Australian Statistician's analytical series, 2020

Australian Bureau of Statistics - 15 June 2020

Global COVID-19 cases surpass 7.4 million

The Age - 12 June 2020

Australian clot-busting drug holds hope for COVID-19 treatment

The Sydney Morning Herald  - 12 June 2020 

Melbourne protester tests positive for COVID-19

The Age - 11 June 2020

Returned traveller tests positive in Queensland

The Sydney Morning Herald  - 11 June 2020 

Australia coronavirus cases: Covid-19 stats, numbers, map and state by state data update

The Guardian - 10 June 2020 

PM urges states and territories to open borders in July

The Sydney Morning Herald  -  10 June 2020 

Four new cases in Victoria, including one at disability facility

The Age -  10 June 2020 

Australian death toll stands at 102

The Sydney Morning Herald  -  9 June 2020 

Victoria records no new cases

The Age -  9 June 2020

Morrison government to end childcare relief package 

The Sydney Morning Herald  -  8 June 2020 

Number of new Australian COVID-19 cases in past week falls by a third

The Age -  8 June 2020

Research finds COVID-19 could be seasonal disease

The Sydney Morning Herald  -  2 June 2020 

Global cases top 6 million

The Sydney Morning Herald  -  1 June 2020 

COVID-19 restrictions eased in NSW as Victoria scrambles to contain Keilor Downs cluster

The Age -  1 June 2020 

Two new cases in NSW, both in hotel quarantine

The Sydney Morning Herald  -  29 May 2020

Queensland reports no new cases

The Age -  29 May 2020 

Health Minister reminds young people they 'are not immune'

The Sydney Morning Herald  -  28 May 2020 

Berejiklian to put freeze on NSW public sector wages

The Sydney Morning Herald  -  27 May 2020 

Two returned travellers test positive in NSW

The Sydney Morning Herald  -  26 May 2020 

COVID-19 active and new cases, numbers, map and data update

The Guardian - 25 May 2020 

No new cases in Queensland

The Age -  25 May 2020 

Four Australian states report no new COVID-19 cases for more than a week

The Sydney Morning Herald  -  25 May 2020 

Global cases pass 5 million

The Age  -  21 May 2020 

Two cases in NSW after 9700 tests

The Sydney Morning Herald  -  21 May 2020 

Four cases in NSW, all from overseas arrivals

The Sydney Morning Herald  -  20 May 2020 

Australian death toll hits 100

The Sydney Morning Herald  - 19 May 2020 

Two returned overseas travellers add to Queensland cases

The Sydney Morning Herald  - 18 May 2020 

Hindsight is 20/20: how false narratives could hurt us going forward

Crikey18 May 2020 

Pubs and restaurants set for limited reopening

WA Today - 18 May 2020 

'This virus is still there', CMO reminds the nation as cases pass 7000

The Sydney Morning Herald  - 15 May 2020

More than 900,000 COVID-19 tests carried out in Australia

The Sydney Morning Herald  - 14 May 2020

Fears over COVID-19-linked Kawasaki disease sparks calls for urgent research

The Sydney Morning Herald  - 13 May 2020

COVID-19: Returning to Sport in NSW

Skate NSW - 12 May 2020

COVID-19 Update

Australian French Association for Science and Technology

Key parts of Australian economy won't recover until 2022

The  Age - 12 May 2020

Berejiklian defends winding back NSW restrictions

The Sydney Morning Herald  - 11 May 2020

Australia avoids COVID-19 'missing deaths' phenomenon, data shows

The  Age - 9 May 2020

Counting the human cost of COVID-19: 'Numbers tell a story words can't'

The Guardian - 9 May 2020 

Morrison eases COVID-19 restrictions to kickstart economy

The Age - 8 May 2020 

14 new cases in Victoria, no changes to restrictions

The Age - 7 May 2020

COVID-19 Country Analyses

Burnet Institute - 6 May 2020

Morrison flags road to economic recovery

The Sydney Morning Herald  - 6 May 2020

How children get and transmit COVID-19 is still a mystery

Grattan Institute Blog  - 4 May 2020

COVIDSafe downloads continue to rise

The Sydney Morning Herald  - 4 May 2020

Spike in Victorian cases as meatworks cluster grows

The Age  - 4 May 2020

Welcome to Victoria, the Doomsday State

The Age - 2 May 2020

Morrison brings forward decision on whether to relax restrictions

The Age - 2 May 2020

COVID-19 in Australia infograms

The Mandarin - 2 May 2020


NSW social distancing rules partially relaxed

The Sydney Morning Herald - 1 May 2020

Scott Morrison urges further downloads of COVIDSafe

The Sydney Morning Herald - 30 April 2020

Coronavirus numbers in Australia: how many new cases are there?

The Guardian - 30 April 2020

COVID-19 cases in the US surpass 1 million, University of Queensland vaccine shows promise

The Sydney Morning Herald - 29 April 2020

Victorian schools could reopen this term; Treasury warns of permanent job losses

The Age - 28 April 2020

COVIDSafe app goes live as global cases near 3 million

The Sydney Morning Herald - 27 April 2020

Virus Watch: Ramadan goes online and America deports the sick

Crikey - 24 April 2020

Modelling tells us the coronavirus app will need a big take-up, economics tells us how to get it

The Conversation - 24 April 2020

Top 10 data visualizations in a time of pandemic - 23 April 2020

Virus Watch: UN’s calls for world peace blocked by US, Russia

Crikey - 20 April 2020

What might trigger a return to ‘normal’?

The Conversation - 17 April 2020

Virus Watch: protesters rally against stay-at-home orders

Crikey - 17 April 2020

How much has Australia really flattened the curve of coronavirus?

The Conversation - 17 April 2020

The COVID-19 spread in Australia - 17 April 2020

Different states treat data in different ways

The Canberra Times - 17 April 2020

COVID-19 in Australia: Technical modelling report

The Peter Doherty Institute for Infection and Immunity - 14 April 2020

​​How the world is bracing for a second wave of coronavirus
The Print - 13 April 2020

Could a 'second wave' of COVID-19 come to Australia?

The National Interest - 12 April 2020

Flattening Australia's coronavirus curve: Is community transmission increasing?
The Guardian - 9 April 2020

Coronavirus: what causes a ‘second wave’ of disease outbreak, and could we see this in Australia?
The Conversation - 9 April 2020

Flattening the curve is not enough, we need to squash it

Australian Institute of Tropical Health and Medicine, James Cook University - April 2020

COVID-19 Guide for Small Business

HR Safe - April 2020

ASFA Economic Snapshot

Association of Superannuation Funds of Australia - April 2020

COVID-19 Data

ISO Living - April 2020

A lesson from game theory the coronavirus contrarians ignore
University of New South Wales - 9 April 2020

COVID-19 Update

Flinders University, South Australia - 9 April 2020

Data science in the news

Queensland University of Technology - April 2020

COVID-19: How to prevent a second wave

Asia Times - 9 April 2020

Coronavirus testing expands across NSW

The Sydney Morning Herald - 6 April 2020

Tracking local infections in NSW and Victoria

A Rich Life - 6 April 2020

It's too soon to call 'game over'

GPs Can - 6 April 2020

Use detention centres to help deal with epidemic

News Weekly  - 4 April 2020

This site offers Australia's coronavirus case tally with informative graphs
Lifehacker Australia - 3 April 2020

How to treat yourself if you have coronavirus

Gizmodo  - 30 March 2020

How are the most serious COVID-19 cases treated, and does the coronavirus cause lasting damage?

Hunter Medical Research Institute  - 30 March 2020

COVID-19 Numbers

Australian and New Zealand Intensive Care Society  

COVID-19 Resources

Australasian Society for Ultrasound in Medicine  

COVID-19 Resources for Primary Care

Australian Association for Academic Primary Care

COVID-19 Resources

Digital Health Cooperative Research Centre

Looking at recoveries
U3A Alliance Australia  

COVID-19 dashboards


Coronavirus Update

Science Party  

Cruise ships and COVID-19: Compassion in a pandemic

The Catholic Weekly - 28 March 2020

How can I treat myself if I've got – or think I've got – coronavirus?

University of Queensland - 28 March 2020

Key charts show well-heeled Sydney areas leading COVID-19 counts
The Sydney Morning Herald - 28 March 2020

Coronavirus in Australia: the case numbers
Society for Pediatric Anesthesia (SPANZA) - 27 March 2020

Thoughts for Life Insurance Actuaries
Actuaries Digital - 27 March 2020

The Sydney suburbs with COVID-19 clusters
The Sydney Morning Herald - 26 March 2020

COVID-19 data digest
Cosmos magazine - 26 March 2020

A queuing theory model for the number of intensive care beds needed during the COVID-19 pandemic
Medical Journal of Australia - 26 March 2020

Forget flattening, this is the curve we really need to watch

Crikey - 25 March 2020

8 in 10 Australians need to stay home to flatten the curve: new modelling
The Age - 25 March 2020

Acting selfishly has consequences right now

The Conversation - 24 March 2020

Can we really rely on people to isolate when they’re told to? Experts explain

The Conversation - 24 March 2020

What steps hospitals can take if coronavirus leads to a shortage of beds

The Conversation - 24 March 2020

Ethical decisions amid virus crisis

Asia Pacific Report, NZ - 24 March 2020

Dignity of risk - The right of older people to choose

Australian Association of Gerontology webinar  - 24 March 2020


The Drum: What the Government is doing to mitigate the coronavirus effects
ABC TV - 20 March 2020

Behind the hype: what the stats say about consumer behaviour

StartUp News - 20 March 2020

Virus Watch: News Corp goes socialist, and stop it, you’re killing Netflix!

Crikey - 20 March 2020


COVID-19 by the numbers: a live snapshot of the coronavirus in Australia

​The Sydney Morning Herald - 19 March 2020

Private citizens are running websites and Twitter accounts tracking the spread of COVID-19
BuzzFeed - 18 March 2020

Australia among world leaders on coronavirus testing, health experts say
The New Daily - 18 March 2020

‘Grenade’: Terrifying spread explained

Tweed Daily News - 18 March 2020

Exponential growth explains terrifying spread of virus - 18 March 2020

Without serious action, Australia may run out of intensive care beds by early April - 18 March 2020

Look after people not profit in the COVID-19 crisis

Green Left Weekly - 17 March 2020

Explainer: what are the laws mandating self-isolation and how will they be enforced?

The Conversation - 17 March 2020

Coronavirus in Australia - a selection of infograms

The Mandarin - 16 March 2020

Heartbreaking image of an elderly woman surrounded by empty shelves goes viral - 16 March 2020


Should we be locked down? Experts split on hardline COVID-19 measures
The Age - 16 March 2020

Data point: helping you keep track of the spread of COVID-19
Crikey - 16 March 2020

What is a virus? How does it spread? How do they make us sick?

The Conversation - 12 March 2020



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