Covid Borders

Use the map and table below to find information about Australia's interstate border restrictions and changes. We do our best to stay on top of them (there have been approx. 200 changes since mid-November). If you have a suggestion or correction, please get in touch. View the spreadsheet where we track changes and set up a notification to be alerted when it is updated.

  • VIC > TAS. Changed from Mild to Go. No locations in Victoria allocated high risk. [Update Feb. 27]

  • VIC > SA. Changed from Strict to Mild. Travellers from Greater Melbourne permitted. Travellers from high-risk sites (see link) must quarantine. [Update Feb. 26]

  • VIC > QLD. Restrictions will relax at 1:00am on Saturday Feb. 27 [Update Feb. 25]

  • VIC > WA. Changed from Closed to Strict. Low-risk allocation; self or supervised quarantine required. G2G Pass (entry form). [Update Feb. 20]

  • VIC > TAS. Changed from Closed to Mild. State allocated low-risk; Tas e-Travel registration required. List of declared high-risk premises remains; mandatory quarantine required; complete Pass required required for travellers from these areas. [Update Feb. 20]

  • NSW > TAS. Changed from Mild to Go due to small number of 'high-risk' locations remaining. [Update Feb. 19]

  • VIC > ACT. Changed from No to Mild. No travel from COVID-19 affected areas without exemption, complete online declaration form, self-quarantine. If you are in Victoria and have not been to a COVID-19 affected area and are not a close contact, you may travel to the ACT without declaring your travel or quarantining. [Update Feb. 17]

  • See all tracked changes to interstate borders


​Follow these instructions to get alerts about when we track changes to border rules:

  1. Open the tracking spreadsheet in Google Sheets.

  2. At the top, click the Tools menu, then select Notification rules

  3. In the window that appears, select that you want to receive notifications when "Any changes are made: Set notifications when someone makes a change to a spreadsheet."

  4. In the window that appears for "how often" you want to receive notifications, select either "Email - daily digest: Send a daily summary of all changes" or Email - right away: Send an email for every change." We recommend the latter. 

  5. Click Save.


Data are verified with federal, state and territory health departments. Charts or pages are timestamped with latest updates.


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