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This site brings together fragments of information and data that are technically but not practically available to the Australian public, and presents them clearly, without editorialising or projections.

It is not an authoritative or official source of epidemiological data. Rather, it captures the announcements and representations made to the Australian public with the goal of surfacing those that may elude attention, and distilling those that inundate us.

This website is independent and voluntarily maintained. Donations from the public are 100% responsible for the site's ability to continue and expand.

Data and website are produced and managed by digital journalist and communications consultant Juliette O’Brien (@juliette_ioLinkedIn profile).

Collaborators and colleagues are David Barry (@pappubahry), Matt Bolton, Austin Byrne, Molly McElroy-O'Connell, Daniel Klein, Anthony Macali (@migga /, Carlos Monteiro (@carlosmonteiro), Jessica Urquhart (, Joanna Wu (@wileam / and the ABC Digital Story Innovation Team. We also recommend The Guardian Data and Interactives.


OutputAI Labs, a Melbourne-based data science practice, gives pro bono support: Tanveer Bal, Robert de Graaf, Naveen Kaushik, Ananth Selladoroy.

Ongoing researchers are journalism students Toni Ambrogetti, Romy Gilbert and Tahlia Kraefft from University of Technology, Sydney.

Past researchers have been Rahul Vashisth, Noel Mathews, Rashid Elhawli, Shruti Khunte, Shrey Sharma, Suraj Enumula and Mohan Kiran. 

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