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Transmission sources: state and territory charts

Key concept 
Data about transmission sources come through three avenues: 1) media announcements about gross new daily cases; 2) net additions and changes to running totals on government websites; 3) official data that is tethered to individual cases. Each of these have different points of value and limitations. The charts on the homepage show gross daily cases as announced. The charts below show end-of-day net additions and changes. For more details, please read the data notes.
Data note
While transmission sources are generally tracked by date of announcement or publication, official data from NSW, Victoria, WA and ACT report cases on notification date. They also update transmission sources retrospectively after investigation. Therefore, while 'running total' data may more closely reflect messages in the media, official data is more accurate.
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View the above chart from earliest available data for each jurisdiction.

Comparisons and per capita analyses

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