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Severity of COVID-19 cases:

Hospitalisations, ICU and ventilators

Data note: QLD and NT hospitalise have had policies of hospitalising all active cases. QLD introduced this policy in Q4 2020, creating an increase in national hospitalisation numbers, and stopped during the Omicron wave of January 2022.

Tracking hospitalisations against cases

Editor's note: these charts have been improved in the following ways: 

1. ICU now included

2. QLD and NT removed due to policy of hospitalising 100% of positive cases

3. NSW 'active' cases determined by 14-day sum of new cases due to irregular reporting of active cases

4. Where charts use two different y-axes, these have been kept to scale by applying a ratio that is specified above each chart. Each chart uses a different ratio, derived from the highest points of first waves. The purpose of the ratio is to improve the visualisation to help comparison between waves within the same country. Note the second chart (Australia new cases, hospitalisations and ICU) has one y-axis only

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