Case breakdowns from the last 28 days

The following charts show breakdowns of coronavirus cases in Australia announced in the last month. Cases are shown on date of announcement or publication which means they're delayed from symptom onset or case notification. These charts show new daily cases 'as announced' which means all figures, including those under investigation, are frozen at a point in time.
Data note
The chart above shows transmission sources as they are announced on the day, which means they are frozen at a point in time before reallocations or investigations. The chart below shows the way these cases were added to official dashboards. This has two impacts: 1) the dates of cases might be different as this chart shows case notification dates, not announcement dates; 2) Cases can change retrospectively after reallocations or investigations.
Data note
Community transmissions (cases from an unknown epidemiological source) are usually determined after a period of investigation. Here are the number of cases that have been added to running totals in the last week.
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Data are verified with federal, state and territory health departments. Charts or pages are timestamped with latest updates.


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