Compare outbreaks

Charts below contextualise major outbreaks in Australia by comparing them with each other. They place case data from outbreaks alongside each other, using the same 'point in time' for each (i.e. date of index case; or date of first day with 10 local cases). This page is updated daily during significant outbreaks. All charts embeddable under CC 4.0 (citation and link required). Contact for data requests.

Current outbreaks - VIC Delta 2 v NSW 2nd wave

Day 1 for charts below is first day of outbreak with 10 local cases in one day. NSW = 23 June (17 cases); VIC Delta 1 = 15 July (10 cases); VIC Delta 2 = 7 August (29 cases). Note - the connection between VIC Delta 1 and Delta 2 is not clear. 'VIC Delta 1+2' (pink lines) show these as a continuation.

NSW outbreaks compared