Compare outbreaks

Charts below contextualise major outbreaks in Australia by comparing them with each other. They place case data from outbreaks alongside each other, using the same 'point in time' for each (i.e. first cases in outbreak). This page is updated daily during significant outbreaks. All charts embeddable under CC 4.0 (citation and link required). Contact for data requests.
7 biggest outbreaks: the two charts below show total cases (sum) in the 7 biggest outbreaks in Australia, which all occured in NSW and Victoria. The first chart is linear while the second is on a log scale. The log scale is useful for showing how quickly cases grow in a standard period of time.
By request: Wilds (in community while infectious) in NSW and VIC Delta outbreaks
3 biggest outbreaks: the next chart shows daily cases and 7-day averages for the 3 biggest outbreaks. It is useful because it shows whether we are 'holding the line' against daily growth in new cases.
Major outbreaks in NSW: the chart below shows the sum of unlinked cases. The coloured lines represent the current Bondi outbreak and will change as cases are moved from 'under investigation' to known or unknown source.